Coin Master Free Spins and Coins Guide (How to Get Them)

This Coin Master free spins and coins guide explain different ways to collect free spins and free coins in the Coin Master game. Guide will also explain ways to collect other valuable resources in the game.

Free spin links are the most popular way to collect free spins and coins in Coin Master. It’s a simple reward link which is shared by game developers on game’s social media pages.

You can get these links daily by following Coin Master social media pages or checking out this page(as we update links here for game fans).

To collect rewards from spin links, you need to click that link, which opens a game application and displays a reward dialog to collect spins or coins freebies.

Note that links can expire within 2-3 days and work one time for every user. So, try to collect rewards from links, whenever they are available.

How to get free spins in Coin Master?

You can get Coin Master free spins by multiple ways. From them spin links, reward calendar, spin gift exchange and team spin request are some of ways which give daily free spins. While, events, tournaments, card collections, village level, invite friends, achievements, promotional packs and social media contents are more ways to get spins.

1. Daily free spin links

Popular way to get up to 100 to 300+ spins and millions of coins. These links are available on Coin Master social media pages.

2. Reward calendar

Game gives free daily rewards through the Rewards Calendar. You can collect day wise rewards by opening a game daily. Try to open a game daily to get bigger rewards of weekend and milestone day rewards.

3. Spin gift exchange

You can send 1 spin gift to your game friend and your friend will send you back. By doing this, 100 spin gifts can be collected. For this, you need more friends in the game and your spin bar should not be full.

4. Team spin request

Game Teams feature has Request Spin feature, by this you can request for 10 spins in Team. Here, your teammates help to collect 10 spins by clicking the Help button to your request.

5. Every hour free spins

When your spin bar is empty or not full, you will get some free spins every hour. You can see the next spin bar refill timer below the spin bar.

6. Promotional pack offers

This is a cool way, In game Coin Master gives some free offers with promotional packs. You can collect free offers and avoid paid ones. These promotional offers are listed on the left vertical bar.

7. Events and Tournaments

Events and Tournaments are ways which give rewards in big amounts. To win rewards, you just need to take part in them and complete tasks by playing the game.

8. Card collections

Complete card collection by collecting all cards is a bit time consuming task. But, it gives amazing rewards on completion of the card set. So, play the game and try to collect more cards whenever you get a chance for it.

9. Invite friend

Invite friends feature gives you a chance to win free coins and 150+ spins. Here, you need to send an invite link to friends and you will get rewards on friends successful game join as per game criteria.

10. Achievements

In the game, the achievement board contains a list of achievements with rewards. When you complete any achievement, you can claim related rewards from the list.

11. Complete village level

To complete a village, you need to build 25 items in the village using coins. After completing the village, you get a reward chest which contains spin, coins and more rewards.

12. Social media page contests and raffles

Coin Master hosts different contests, raffles and giveaways on the game’s social media pages. And, some lucky winners get free rewards. You can take part in such activities and get a chance to win rewards.

13. Wait for spin gift

This is like a tip, because Coin Master sometimes gives free spins and coins when you have not played a game for a few days. So, this can also be a way to get rewards.

How to get free coins in Coin Master?

The most ways explained in the free spin section are also applicable for getting free coins. So, here we just list out the names of ways which give free coins in Coin Master.

  • Daily free spin links
  • Reward calendar
  • Send and receive coins gifts
  • Promotional pack offers
  • Events and Tournaments
  • Achievements
  • Complete village level
  • Social media page contests and raffles
  • Daily spin wheel – you get one free chance daily to spin a coin reward wheel and get free coins.
  • Play game – Playing the game is the main way to collect coins.
  • Raid and Attack –  Chance to Raid and Attack on another player’s village gives you a good amount of coins.

How to get free Gems in Coin Master?

You can get free Gems as an Achievements rewards, Event & Tournament rewards and Gems feature unlock reward. And, Gems promotion packs are a paid option.

Gems are in-game currency and used to purchase promotion offers at The Gems Market.

That’s it,

Next, we will try to add and update more sections for other Coin Master resources. So, you can know how to get them in game. Keep in touch!

[ Listed reward links on this page are free and gathered from Coin Master official social pages. You can get these links directly from those pages. Links are listed here for game users convenience only. ]