How to get Coin Master Spins Coins For Free?

To play the Coin Master game, the main things are spins and coins. Spins are used to continue the game and coins are used to complete village levels.

In this post, you will get a list of ways which give you free spins and coins for the Coin Master game.

If you are facing spins or coins shortage in a Coin Master game, then following ways will help to collect free spin and coin rewards for your game.

Let’s get started,

1. Daily reward links to collect spins and coins

Daily free spins and coin links – these links are shared by Coin Master on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram game pages. Coin Master also sends a reward link to email, if Coin Master offers such an email subscription and you accept it.

Users can collect free spins and coins by this link, by clicking them. These links expire in 2-3 days. So, you need to use them before it’s expiration time.

You can get these links daily by following Coin Master social media pages. They share these links in daily posts.

2. Take part in contests & raffles on Facebook page

This way is related to the Coin Master Facebook game page. Coin Master helds contests & raffles on Facebook page.

You can take part in these contests & raffles and some lucky winners get a chance to win free rewards (spins, coins, xp, etc.,).

3. Collect and send spin gifts with friends in game

From the game’s “GIFTS” option you can send spin gifts to your game friends. And, same way your friends send spin gifts to you.

By this way players can send and receive 100 spins each day. You can collect spins from this option, when you have less than 50 spins in your game account.

4. Play different game events

Events in the Coin Master game give a chance to win more rewards by playing the game.

In events, the Coin Master game gives rewards for completing different targets. You can complete that target by playing a game and win spins, coins and more rewards.

5. Collect daily reward from reward calendar

The Reward Calendar in the Coin Master game has different spin, coins, chest and other rewards.

Game players get those rewards on a daily basis. When players open the game, they get the option to collect rewards from the reward calendar. This option is available once a day.

6. Complete card collection set and win rewards

Every card collection has its reward gifts. These reward details are shows on top of the card collection.

When players complete any card set, they will get related card set rewards. These rewards include free spins, coins, chests and more.

7. Collect chests in Coin Master game

A Coin Master chest is one type of reward, which players can win or get by playing the game, completing card sets, raids and performing more actions.

In chests, players get different cards, spins and other things.

8. Invite your friends by friend invite link and get free spins

In the Coin Master game, you can share game invite links to your friends. And, if your friends join the Coin Master game with the Facebook connect option, then you will get free +75 spins for each friend joining.

But, here you have a maximum invite limit for a Coin Master friend invite, which is 250. It means, you will get free spins until 250 valid friends game join.

9. Make spin request in Team

Spin request in Team is a new way to collect 30 free spins in a day. Everyday game allows 10 spins requests in Team with 8 hours interval.

10. Complete village level to get rewards

Now, in the Coin Master game, when you complete your village level, you will get rewards. These rewards include free spins, coins and other things.

But, when you do not have enough spins, at that time completing a village and getting these rewards is a bit difficult.

11. Wait for 1-2 days

This is a good way to get free spins in a Coin Master game. Coin Master gives free coins or spins to users, when they do not play the game for 1-2 days.

So, to get spins by this option, you need to wait for 1-2 days. And, when you open the game after such a wait, you will get free coins or spins by Coin Master.

12. Collect free pack from promotional offers

Coin Master offers rewards promotional packages to buy with paid and free packs. In this offer, users need to collect the first pack to unlock the second pack.

In this offer package chain, the first few packages of spins and coins are free to collect. So, you can collect them to get free spins and coins.

Above are different ways which give you free spins and coins for the Coin Master game.

You can try these free spins ways based on your spins and coins requirement. Hope you find this list helpful.