Avatarify AI Face Animator app FAQs (Things to Know)

Avatarify app is trending AI face animator app. In this post you will get detailed answers for Avatarify app related questions for iOS and Android users.

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What is Avatarify app?

Avatarify AI Face Animator app

Avatarify app is AI based face animator app. By advanced neural network system, this app create surprising animation videos from your photo. App gives options to select face expressions from GIFs or recording your video with expressions to apply in photo.

After complete process in app, you can download or share video on social media (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more) platforms.

Is Avatarify app free?

Yes, Avatarify app is free to download and install. This app offers In-App purchases, but it is optional and depends on your requirements.

Is Avatarify app available for Android on Google Play?

No, Avatarify app not available on Google Play for Android users.

Currently in Play Store you will find list of apps with same name and icon. But, this apps not by Avatarify, Inc. Also, apps on Play Store not have same features as original Avatarify app.

So, if you are Android phone users and want to install Avatarify app, then it is suggested to wait for original app availability on Play Store. And, stay away from duplicate unused low quality apps which are full of ads.

Can i use iOS Avatarify app on Android?

No, you can not use iOS Avatarify app on your Android phone.

Is there any Avatarify app alternatives?

Currently many apps available with Avatarify related name and logo, but no one have features as like Avatarify app.

How to use Avatarify app?

You can use Avatarify app by doing following steps.

  1. Install Avatarify app from App Store.
  2. Open app and allow permissions for app.
  3. Choose photo from gallery or from app Demo options.
  4. Set expressions from GIFs or by LIVE MODE (record video).
  5. Next, check result preview and save or share video.

How to create video with multiple faces in Avatarify app?

To create multiple faces video, select multiple photos in step 3(choose photo). Here, same selected or recorded face expression will applied to all photos.

How to install Avatarify app for Android phones?

Currently Avatarify app not available for Android phones. Once, it available on Play Store, you can download and install from Play Store (we will update app link once available).

For stay updated with Avatarify app Android availability, you can also check on official app page.

Avatarify alternative on Android Play Store

Avatarify app is not available in Android Play Store at this moment. But now, an alternative of the avatarify app is available in Play Store.

The alternative app for Avatarify is “Wombo: Make your selfies sing”. Wombo app is free to download and install on Play Store.

In the Wombo app, you need to take a selfie, pick a song, and let WOMBO work its magic. For more information, you can check wombo.ai page.

Wombo app has similar features like Avatarify app, so, you can consider it as alternative for Avatarify app.

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