How to check Xiaomi phone supports the 5G network or not?

You can check 5G support for your Xiaomi phone in different ways. In this post, you will get two simple ways to check 5G support in Xiaomi (Redmi, MI) phones.

1. Check 5G support in Preferred network type

Xiaomi phone shows all supported network list in “Preferred network type” selection. If there is a 5G network option available in the list, it means your phone supports 5G.

In Xiaomi phones, you can open the “Preferred network type” setting from “Settings / SIM cards & mobile networks / Tap SIM network name / Preferred network type”.

Check 5G support in Preferred network type
Check 5G support in Preferred network type

2. Check specification online

In this method, you need to search your phone’s specifications in the browser. And, from the search result check your phone model’s network specifications.

Here, in search you need to search with the phone’s full model name. For example, “xiaomi mi 10t lite 5g pro specification”.

So, the search query is like “{phone model name here} specification”.

In search results, GSMArena website is a good option to check phone specifications.

Above are two simple ways to check, if your Xiaomi phone supports 5G network or not.