How to erase all data from Xiaomi phones before selling?

This post includes a guide to clean your Xiaomi (Redmi, MI) phone by factory reset before selling. Given information applicable for MIUI supported phones.

You are checking this post, it means you are buying a new phone and selling an old Xiaomi phone, right?

Let’s erase all data from the phone and make it clean for new buyers.

Things to do before erase all data from Xiaomi phone

Following are safety things, which you can check and follow before erasing phone data.

  • Backup your contacts.
  • Backup your camera photos and videos.
  • Backup other important files or documents (if they exist on the phone).
  • Check notes and take backup if required.
  • Check SMS and take backup if required.
  • Backup offline application data if required (e.g., daily budget app).
  • Backup important reminder details if required.

That’s it,

From the above checklist, you will cover all data backup. But, more on this, you can check your phone again for other important data backup.

Because, after the factory reset process, you will not be able to restore your data back.

So, spending time on the phone data backup process is always worth it.

How to erase all data from a Xiaomi phone?

You can erase all data from Xiaomi phones by factory reset process from “Settings > About phone > Factory reset > Erase all data” option.

Following are steps to erase all Xiaomi (Redmi, MI) phone data using the factory reset process.

  • Open “Settings” app.
  • Go to “About phone” settings.
  • Open “Factory reset” option.
  • Here, read all the details before go for next step.
  • Tap on the “Erase all data” option and follow the process.
  • After completing this process, reboot your phone.

Once your phone starts, after the reboot process, you can check that all data erased from the phone. And, it’s ready to hand over the phone buyer.

How to confirm all data completely deleted from Xiaomi phones?

To confirm that all data is completely erased or not, check your phone again. This checking includes, contacts, gallery, installed apps, notes, messages and file manager.

Here, all possible items listed to check after factory reset. But, if you know other missing items, then definitely check them also.

That’s it,

Now, you can handover your Xiaomi phone buyer with confidence. Hope, you found post information helpful.