Free Fire Redeem Code FAQs

In this post you will get answers for basic frequently asked questions about Free Fire redeem code.

For example, what is redeem code in Free Fire, how to use redeem code, what is validity of redeem code, why redeem code not working and more related questions.

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What is the redeem code in Free Fire?

Free Fire redeem code is redeemable 12 character code, which includes capital letters and numbers in it. These codes come with an expiration date and are server and region specific.

Players can redeem this code on the Free Fire Rewards Redemption Site using their related game login option.

These redeem codes are periodically released by Garena for game players to get golds, diamonds or other reward items in the game.

What do I get from Free Fire redeem code?

From the Free Fire redeem code, you can unlock certain items or get golds, diamonds, skins, pets or more reward items.

All these reward things depend on redeem codes. You will get different rewards based on redeem code.

How to use and get rewards from Free Fire redeem code?

To redeem Free Fire reward code – Open FF Rewards Redemption Site ( and login using given options. Second, paste or enter the redeem code in the textbox and press the CONFIRM button. Next, complete the redemption process by clicking the OK button.

After a successful redemption process, you can collect your reward from the in-game mail section. In most cases, rewards will show up within 24 hours in the in-game mail section.

What to do – If my Free Fire redeem code is not working?

If your Free Fire redeem code is not working then read the “Important Notice” section carefully on Rewards Redemption Site ( ).

This section lists out things that your redeem code needs to satisfy. And, based on these things, you can check your code and identify the reasons for not working code.

Can I use Free Fire redeem code from other servers?

Free Fire redeem codes are server and region specific. It means, you can not use code from other servers.

And, if you try such things then you will get the error message – “Failed to redeem. This code cannot be used in your region”.

Can I redeem rewards from code with a guest account?

No, you will not be able to redeem your rewards with guest accounts.

You may bind your game account to Facebook or VK in order to receive the rewards.

What is the validity of Free Fire redeem code?

Free Fire redeem codes are valid for 24 hours. And, any expired codes cannot be redeemed.

Hope, you found helpful information about Free Fire redeem code from this post.