How to Get Free Diamonds on Hay Day Game? (15 Different Ways)

If you are a Hay Day player and looking for free diamonds in a game, then here are 15 different ways that give you a chance to get free diamonds in a Hay Day game.

Let’s get started,

List of ways to get free diamonds in Hay Day

Following are ways to get free diamonds in the Hay Day game.

  1. Fish book (New fishes)
  2. Valley shop
  3. Level up
  4. Mystery nets
  5. Global event
  6. Game update or maintenance
  7. Watch movie / trailer
  8. Mine
  9. Pop Tom’s balloon
  10. Special gifts on special events
  11. Mystery packages
  12. Mystery boxes
  13. Derby prizes
  14. Hay Day social media page
  15. Complete achievements