How to Set Wallpaper Without Zoom? (Android or iPhone)

If you take a photo using your mobile in vertical mode, then you can set that photo as phone wallpaper without any zoom or stretching problem. But, photos with landscape mode will not fit proper as phone wallpaper.

When you set landscape or square image as phone wallpaper, then image will be zoom from center part. And, outer portion of image will not shown in wallpaper.

For solution, in this post you will get info on how to convert picture to wallpaper size and set picture as perfect fit wallpaper in android or iPhone device.

Let’s get started,

Why does my phone wallpaper zoom in?

Any latest smartphone screen’s common vertical aspect ratio is 9:16. Now, if you try to set a square (1:1) or landscape (16:9) mode photo as wallpaper, then it will not fit to the phone screen aspect ratio. And, to make your photo fit as wallpaper, your mobile centrally zooms your photo and sets it as wallpaper in vertical mode. That’s why your phone zooms photo in wallpaper.

Wallpaper zoom or stretch issues come because mismatch of phone screen and photo’s aspect ratio. And, it is obvious behavior that extra part of photo not shown when photo set as wallpaper.

How to resize an image for phone wallpaper?

Here, if you resize the image for wallpaper and your image is square or landscape, then you can not use the full image in wallpaper.


There is another simple way without using any app, which helps to create a new image from your photo. And, this photo will fit as phone wallpaper.

To resize an image for phone wallpaper, first open a photo in your phone. Here, the phone shows your full photo in the center and dark color for extra space. Now, you need to take a screenshot and this screenshot is your new image, which fits as wallpaper.

How to set wallpaper without zoom in android or iPhone?

Following are simple steps to set your square or landscape photo as wallpaper without zoom or stretch. By this method you can display your full image as wallpaper. You can apply this process in Android, iPhone or any other phones.

  1. Open your picture from the image gallery app.
  2. Gallery app displays your full picture on screen and fills spaces with dark color.
  3. Next, take a screenshot of the current screen.
  4. Now, open a screenshot from the gallery app and set it as wallpaper.

This practice is simple and does not require any other apps. You can create a new screenshot image from your existing image by using the phone feature.