How to Get Diamonds in My Singing Monsters? (Free Gems)

My Singing Monsters Diamonds also known as Gems can get free and paid ways in game. Here, you know about free ways to get Diamonds in game.

Diamonds are premium currency in My Singing Monsters and used to – unlock new monsters, buy skins, upgrade locations, buy game resources and play a game. In short, diamonds are needed everywhere in the game.

How to get Diamonds in My Singing Monsters?

In the My Singing Monsters game, you can get Diamonds by – consecutive logins, register a friend, create a top ten island, mini mine, goal completion, in-game rewards and spin wheel memory game. By these ways you can get diamonds daily, one time, weekly, occasionally and by chance.

1. Consecutive logins

By login 3 consecutive days or 10 consecutive days, you can get 3 or 25 free Diamonds.This reward is one time only.

2. Register a friend

You get 5 free diamonds, if your friends register in the game using your referral code. This reward is one time only.

3. Create top ten island

This is a weekly free diamonds way, where you can get 100 diamonds or gems by having a top ten island.

4. Mine

Mine produces 1 diamond or 4 diamond per day, it depends on a Mine type (Mini-Mine, Maximum Mine, Mine).

5. Complete goals

Complete goals can give diamond rewards. Tribal island goals (up to 20 diamonds) and more in-game goals are ways to collect diamond rewards.

6. In-game rewards

There are different in-game rewards, which includes free diamonds. You can get these rewards by playing the game.

7. Memory game or spin wheel

The Spin wheel or memory game are ways to get diamonds daily. Here, you can get 2 to 1000 diamonds by playing them.

8. Shards Exchange

You can consider trade for shards as a one option to get diamonds. Here, the diamonds you get are varying.

9. Wublins and Celestials

This is also one way for you, where you can collect 2 Diamonds from Wublins and Celestials at a 7% chance.

10. Diamond Farming

This Diamond Farming technique also known as Diamond optimization, this technique includes strategies to maximize Diamonds production.

In the game, Mines, In-game rewards, Wublin Farming, Celestial Farming, Tribal Island and Shard Exchange are different things which give Diamonds. And, Farming technique helps to generate more diamonds.

There are more ways like Mailbox rewards, Bonus Item and Sharing Achievements to get more Diamonds in My Singing Monsters.