Android App is Not Opening or Keeps Crashing (8 Things to Do)

In this post you will know what to do when your Android phone installed app is not opening or the app keeps crashing.

This kind of problem happens with many apps in different situations. And, users do not understand what to do next.

In most cases apps not opening or app keep closing issues happen due to temporary phone or app issues.

For this problem’s solution, check out troubleshooting points or things. These points can help you to fix your ‘app not opening issue’.

Things to do when Android app not opening or keep closing (Troubleshooting Points):

Following are things which you can try one by one, if any app is not opening or keep closing in your Android phone.

1. Close all other process and apps

In some cases, too many open apps at the same time create issues for the current active app process.

So, if you face a problem with any app for opening or working, then first close all other open apps and processes.

After that, only open your app which is not opening or keep closing.

2. Check data connection speed

This point is for online apps which require internet data connection to perform internal processes or action.

If your phone has poor data speed, then in that case – it is possible that the app fails to fetch required data from the server and is not able to continue the process.

And, as a result, that app does not open or keep closing. In this case, you can connect with healthy data or Wi-Fi network to confirm this issue.

3. Close app completely and open again

In this step, you need to close your app completely and open it again.

By this way the app will start fresh and work properly, if some temporary run time issue is there.

4. Update app from Play Store – If available

If your app has an older version and not updated with the latest version, then you may face such an issue.

Because, in some cases, the app backend and device version related process can be changed with the new version. And, that change is not compatible with your existing app version.

Here, updating the app to the latest version is an easy and working solution.

5. Clear app’s data & cache and open app

Cleaning app’s data and cache from your phone’s app setting will help to fix temporary app issues.

Suppose, due to some issue, garbage data is stored in app local data, which creates problems in the app process.

In this case cleaning app’s data & cache is required to make the app working again.

6. Restart phone and open app again

This troubleshot point is very popular for many electronics items. And, it will work for Android phones too.

When you restart your phone all active processes will shut down and the required process starts again.

With this action, there are possibilities that some processes which create issues to open your app will stop. And, as a result your app starts opening properly.

7. Uninstall and reinstall app

This solution is required in rare cases, where you tried all above solutions and were not able to fix your app issue.

By this action, you can fix any unknown device and app related issue, which happened during your first time installation and creates the problem in process.

8. Contact app developer with issue detail

After all tries, if you do not get any results and the app opening issue continues, then you can contact the app developer as last option.

You can get app developer contact details from the Play Store app page and email them.


Add a detailed review about your issue on the Play Store app review section.

That’s it,

Hope you find all points helpful to fix the app not opening or keep closing issues on Android devices.

Google Play support page link for more details: