App Lock in Xiaomi Redmi or MI phones (Complete Guide)

App lock in Xiaomi Redmi and MI phones is a very helpful feature to increase your app security. In this post, you will get a complete guide about Xiaomi app lock feature.

Guide includes use of MIUI app lock feature, good practices to follow with app lock use, reset forgotten app lock process and more related settings overview.

Let’s get started

What is app lock in Xiaomi phone Settings?

App lock in Xiaomi MIUI is a built-in feature. By enabling and configuring an app lock feature, you can set app lock for single or multiple apps. Phone users need to enter/apply app lock password(Pattern, PIN, password) to open apps – which have app lock enabled.

In short, you can make your apps password protected using the app lock feature.

App lock feature is available in Xiaomi phone itself and you do not require any third party app from Play Store.

How to lock and unlock apps in Xiaomi phones?

To enable or disable app lock in Xiaomi phones, you need to make a change in “Setting / Apps / App lock” using Settings application.

Steps to enable app lock in Xiaomi phones:

  1. Tap on the “App lock” option from “Setting / Apps / App lock”.
  2. Set a new app lock password or enter an existing one.
  3. Enable app lock for app from app list.

Steps to disable app lock in Xiaomi phones:

  1. Tap on the “App lock” option from “Setting / Apps / App lock”.
  2. Enter current app lock password.
  3. Disable app lock for app from app list.

Given process is common and works for all MIUI based Xiaomi(Redmi, MI) phones. So, you can apply this process for the Xiaomi MIUI phone.

Good practices with use of app lock in Xiaomi phones

App lock is a good feature to make apps more secure from other phone users. But, it creates a problem for you, if you do not follow good practices related to app lock.

For example, you forgot your app lock password and were not able to access your apps.

To avoid such problem situations, Following are some good practices – which you can follow for a quick solution.

1. Do not apply app lock to phone Settings app (If possible):

When you forgot your app password, then all reset processes are managed from the Settings app.


If your Settings app is already locked with app lock, then it creates a problem to reset app lock password.

So, it is good practice to avoid app lock for Settings app.

2. Add Mi Account in App lock settings to reset your password:

To reset your forgotten app lock password, you need a Mi Account added in your app lock settings.

You can add Mi Account in app lock settings from “Settings / Apps / App lock / Settings / Add Mi Account”. Here, App lock settings open by tapping the settings icon, which is available at the top right corner of the “App lock” screen.

If your Mi Account is added in your App lock settings, then you can easily reset your forgotten app lock password using your Mi Account.

3. Use your fingerprint for App lock

In Xiaomi phones, you will also get the “Use your fingerprint” option for App lock password.

If you are comfortable with this type of password, then this is a good option where you will be safe from a forgotten password issue.

How can I change an app lock in Xiaomi phones?

You can change your app lock password(Pattern, PIN, Password) from “Settings / Apps / App lock / Change password type”.

Here, by tapping the currently used Pattern, PIN or Password option, you can change your app lock password.

Note: To change your app lock password, you need your current app lock password.

Password forgotten: How to open app lock in Xiaomi phones?

When you forget your app lock password in a Xiaomi phone, then you can open your app by using two ways.

First, you can reset your forgotten password using your Mi Account and open your app with a new app lock password.

Steps to remove or reset forgotten app lock password in Xiaomi Redmi MI phone.

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ app.
  2. Go to ‘Apps’ and open ‘App lock’.
  3. Here, click ‘Forgot password’.
  4. Next, enter the Mi Account password tap ‘OK’.
  5. Now, you are able to set a new app lock pattern for your phone.

Note: in this process your mobile need a Mi account.

For reset app lock password check out “How can I change an app lock in Xiaomi phones” section.

Second, Reset your phone (Factory reset). This option is complex and requires more time to backup phone data and other things.

Because the phone factory reset erased all your phone data and make your phone clean, as like it opens for the first time.