Android Apps not update in Play Store App (Fixed)

This post includes – steps to fix android apps not update problem, reasons for apps not update problem.

This is a random problem where your installed apps do not update from the Play Store app. Common reason for most of the time is Play Store app cached data. You can fix this issue by using the “Uninstall updates” option for the Play Store app.

Steps for fix: Android apps not update from Play Store (Chrome, WebView or other apps)

Following are steps to fix apps not updating from the Play Store app problem. Here, apps which do not update are Google Chrome, System WebView or other apps.

  1. Open phone “Settings” app.
  2. Go to “Apps > Manage apps” option.
  3. Tap “Google Play Store” from list.
  4. Tap “Uninstall updates” option (This option shown in bottom bar or you need to tap three dot icon to get this option)
  5. Choose OK for Uninstall updates confirmation.
  6. Now, open the Play Store app and update your apps.

What “Uninstall updates” option does with the app?

“Uninstall updates” option for an app on the phone is for quick app reset. This option sets the app back to factory settings without making a complete factory reset.

Here, the phone system uninstalls all updates for the app. It means, your app restores to the version which came with the phone. And, if the phone firmware is updated, then the app version is restored to that firmware(OS) update level.

Note: you can try the clear cache data option before trying this process. You will find a clear data (cache) option in step 4 near the “Uninstall updates” option.

How do apps update to the latest version after using the “Uninstall updates” option?

If your phone settings have apps auto update enable, then it will update automatically. In other cases, you can manually update apps from the Play Store app. And, the Play Store app will update automatically.

Why are installed apps not updating from the Play Store Android app?

There are 2 possible reasons, due to those reasons you may not be able to update installed apps on the Play Store app.

App cache data: In apps data cached to improve app performance. Now, due to some reasons if cache data does not update properly, then there is a chance that app updates do not work on the Play Store app.

App updates issue: Frequent updates for apps is normal. And, if this app update is not applied properly, then the app may not work properly. This case is also applicable for the Play Store app.

So, in the solution section, you will find solution steps to fix the above problems. And by trying solutions step by step, you will be able to update your apps from the Play Store app.