How to Change Language in WhatsApp While Typing? (Xiaomi Android)

In this post, you will learn – how to change Android phone keyboard language while you are typing in WhatsApp chat.

By following the given steps in this post, you can change Google Gboard language to your local or desired language.

How do I change the language in WhatsApp chat keyboard?

Following are steps to change Android keyboard language for WhatsApp chat.

1. Open WhatsApp chat.

In this step, open WhatsApp chat and tap in chat input to open Android keyboard. Next, if your phone keyboard is not showing another language, then follow the next step.

2. Long press the “Space” button.

In Android Gboard (phone keyboard), you can change language using the “Space” button.

You can change the keyboard language by swiping the “Space” button or you can open the language options by long pressing the “Space” button.

WhatsApp chat Gboard
WhatsApp chat Gboard

3. Select language or add language from “Language Setting”.

From keyboard language options, you can choose your local or another available language.


If your language is not found in the list, then you can add that language from “Language Setting > More languages”. This setting option is available just after the language list.

Change language in Gboard
Change language in Gboard

4. Type text using selected language.

Now, in Step-3, your keyboard language has already changed. And, in Step-4, you can type text in your selected language.

That’s it.

How to change Android keyboard language quickly?

To change Android keyboard language quickly, just swipe the “space” button right or left in Gboard (keyboard).

Note: Keyboard language will only change, if you already added multiple languages in the keyboard language list. You can add multiple languages by following the above given steps.

How to remove language from Android keyboard language list?

To remove language from Android keyboard language list, first long press “Space” button, next tap “Language Setting” and uncheck language option from “Your languages” list, which you want to remove from language list.

Gboard language setting
Gboard language setting

That’s it,

Hope, you found this post helpful to understand – how to change language in WhatsApp while typing.