How to Change Mobile Data From sim1 to sim2 in MI phones?

Following are steps to change mobile data source from sim1 to sim2 in MI (Xiaomi) phones.

  1. Open SIM cards & mobile networks settings: you can open this settings screen from two ways. First, Open settings app and tap on “SIM cards & mobile networks” options. Second, long press data connection icon which available in quick settings.
  2. Choose sim1 or sim2 from the “Data card” setting: “Data card” setting section shows sim number 1 and 2. From here, you can change your mi phone data source sim service.

When you successfully complete this process, your MI phone shows a quick message with following detail.

Swapped SIM cards, Network type has changed. View additional info in SIM cards and mobile networks in the Settings menu”.

This message indicates that you had successfully changed mobile data network service from sim1 to sim2 or from sim2 to sim1.