How to Change Username on Instagram?

How to change username on Instagram: get steps to change Instagram username, possible effects with username change and helpful guide with FAQs.

If you are using Instagram and want to update your username, then you will get a detailed guide and FAQs for username change.

Following are FAQs with detailed guides for changing username on Instagram.

How to change Instagram username from App?

  • Open Instagram app on your phone.
  • Tap on your profile image to open the profile.
  • Tap on “Edit Profile” option.
  • Change “Username” and set a valid new name in form.
  • Save change by tapping on top right “Correct icon”.

You can apply the above steps on Android and iPhone mobiles.

How to change Instagram username from Website?

  • Login to website in your browser.
  • Open profile page by clicking top right corner profile image.
  • Click “Edit Profile” option.
  • Change “Username” and set a valid new name in form.
  • Click the “Submit” button to save change.

Does the username change immediately or it takes time?

In most cases, if the new username is valid and available, then it will change immediately. But, if your account is popular and reaches a lot of people, then your username change may go for review. If so, you’ll be notified when the review completed.

What is Instagram username?

Instagram username is a unique account identifier. Username is different from the display name. This username is unique and has certain criteria (length, allowed characters etc.,). Your account display name shown below profile image, while this username shows at top left corner in profile page.

Can I use my old Instagram username again?

As per username criteria, username should be unique. So, if you change your username and after 14 days some other user starts using it, then in that case you are not able to use the old username. But, if your old username was not taken by another user, then you can use it again.

Here, you will be able to change your username back to old username for another 14 days after updating it. But, after 14 days, if username taken by another user, then you can not use it back again.

Does username change affect my followers count?

No, Instagram username change does not affect your followers count. After username change followers counts will be same as before change. Your followers can see your profile with a new username. Your followers may be notified of your username change.

Why am I not able to update username on Instagram?

Instagram username have following possible criteria, if your entered name does not satisfy this criteria, then you may not be able to update username.

  • Limited to 30 characters long.
  • Contains only letters, numbers, periods and underscores.
  • Name should be unique and already not used by another user.

Is there any limit for username change?

No, there is no limit for username update on Instagram. There are limits on many popular sites, but on Instagram, you can edit username as many times as you want.

Is Instagram username case sensitive?

No, Instagram username is not case sensitive. Instagram always converts and considers your username in lowercase. So you can not set your Instagram username in Capitalize, Camel Case or in other formats which use capital letter.

In app or site when you type your username in Instagram, Instagram app or site will convert your username in lowercase.

Instagram may be forcing this process to maintain a unique user identity. Because with case sensitive username, there are possibilities that users can make mistakes in account follow process (due to the same characters in username).