Screen Magnifier for Mobile Phones [Guide and FAQs]

Screen magnifier for mobile phones: mobile phones screen magnifier guide, list and FAQs. Guide includes overview, buying guide, best product list and more.

If you like to watching movies, web series or videos on mobile and looking to make your view big, then this post is for you.

In this post you will get detailed information about mobile screen magnifiers. For example, what it used for, is it works for you, screen magnifier buying guide, list of good screen magnifiers and other small FAQs.

What is a Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier?

Mobile phone screen magnifier used to enlarge mobile screen view. It is a simple tool, which has a simple mobile stand with PVC lens (lens material may be differ based on price). Main usage is to watch movies or other videos on mobile. Screen magnifiers come in a variety of models and features.

Things to consider before buying Screen Magnifier for mobile phone

  • Price is first thing to consider. Most screen magnifiers work the same. They have different prices based on material and extra features. So, you can choose a product based on your need and budget.
  • Magnifier screen size and quality is the second thing. You can get ideas for this from users review and by searching more information about it.
  • Design is the third thing to consider. You can select a design based on your place, where you want to use it in most cases.
  • Extra features are the fourth thing to consider. Main purpose of the screen modifier is to enlarge the mobile screen. But, if you want more features, like a connected speaker etc., then you can consider it in selection.

So, above are 4 possible things, which you can consider for buying a screen magnifier.

Is Screen Magnifier Can Used for Laptop?

Generally for laptops, people are using anti-glare screen protectors. Small screen magnifiers used for enlarging a mobile screen view. Here, laptops already have a big enough screen to watch it more. So, a screen magnifier for laptops is not a good idea.

Can Screen Magnifier be Used for Tablet?

Yes, screen magnifiers can be used for tablet. But, here you need to confirm that the table will stand properly in the tool. In the market, most screen magnifiers are designed based on small mobile screens. So, it may not best fit for tablets. You can check for tablet specific magnifiers, if you really need it.

What are Pros and Cons of Screen Magnifier?

Main purpose of the screen magnifier and benefit is the same. That is, enlarge your mobile screen view. So, it will solve all issues, which comes because of watching the small screen for a long time.

If you are looking for cons, then it depends on product to product. All screen magnifiers give results based on its material and design. But, if you expect the same result as a big device screen, then it will not work as you expect.

Can I Use Screen Magnifier for Any Mobile Device?

Yes, you can use screen magnifiers for any Android or iPhone mobile devices. But, in the market there are also device specific products based on size or other things. So, before buying a product, it is good practice to check products compatibility with your device.

Is Screen Magnifier Work from Side View?

No, as per our analysis, when you view magnifier screen from side view it looks like round magnifier glass. From the side view this tool does not give the same result as the center view. So, for the best view, you need to watch things from the center view.

Is the Box Screen Magnifier Good Compared to the Open Screen Magnifier?

If you use a screen magnifier in a dark area without light, then there is no difference. But, if you use tools in place where direct light can come on your device screen, then it may show a difference. So, as per our opinion, a box screen magnifier may give better results in more lighting places.

What are different sizes of mobile screen magnifiers? and Which is best size?

There are 5 different available sizes for screen magnifiers. You can select based on your requirements. Those sizes are 8″, 12″, 14″, 18″ and 24″. Sizes given here are in inches.

Now, if you want to know which is the good size for screen magnifiers, then the answer is 12″ (inches).

The 12″ screen magnifier is a good size to go with because it is not too large and too small. Screen magnifier gives good quality for a small size. Here, 12″ is average size, so it balances results for size and quality.