Coin Master Teams Feature FAQs

Teams in the Coin Master game have a great feature update to get free spins and cards. Game players can request and get free spins and cards in the team.

As a player, you can create your own team or join another player’s team.

In this post, you will get clear and detailed answers for the Coin Master Teams feature.

So, let’s get started,

How to join a team in a Coin Master game?

Following are steps to join the team in Coin Master game.

  1. Open Teams tab in game: you can open it from the bottom right corner teams icon button or from the game main menu’s “Friends” option.
  2. Select team to join: you can select team by 2 different way. First, by searching team name from teams list. Second, go to “Friends” tab > tap on friends name and tap on “View Team” option to select friends team.
  3. Tap “Join” button: Now, in the team’s info popup, you will get the “Join” option, tap this option to join the team.

Note: You can join only one team in a game. So, if you want to join another team, then you have to leave your current team before join other team.

How to get free spins in the Coin Master team by spin request?

When you join any team in the Coin Master game, then that team group will be available under “My Team” tab. In this “My Team”, the Spin request button is available in the bottom area. By tapping this button, you can request for free 10 spins every 8 hours.

Where can I get requested spins in the Coin Master team?

Spins given by teammates in your spins request are directly added to your account’s main spins count. So, you are not required to follow any process after making a request.

How to get cards in the Coin Master team by card request?

Coin Master game users can get cards using the “My Team” tab’s Card request button. When the user taps on the Card request button, “Request Card” popup opens. From the “Request Card” popup user can choose a card to request from teammates. After completing the request, teammates can donate cards to you from your request. And, that donated card automatically comes to your card set.

Following are some more things related to Coin Master team card request.

  1. You can request for a single card in the Coin Master team with an interval of 24 hours.
  2. You can not request for a Gold card in the Coin Master team.
  3. If you leave the team after a card request, then you will not receive a card from that request.

How to create Team in Coin Master?

Coin Master game users can create a team using “Teams” tab’s “create” button option. This “Teams” tab is only available if the user is not a member of any team.

When the user taps on the “create” button, the team create form popup opens. Game users need to fill this team name, type and other info to create a team.

After filling the form user needs to tap on the “Create” button, this button given bottom of form.

This create button comes with text like “Create [coin icon] 1M”. This means, game users need to spend game 1M coins to create team in Coin Master.

How to leave Team in Coin Master?

To leave the team in the Coin Master game open the “My Teams” tab and tap the “Info” button near the team name. Here, you will get the red “Leave” button, tap this button and leave team.