Default apps MIUI 12 settings (Xiaomi Redmi MI phones)

Xiaomi phone MIUI settings have “Default apps” option. From this option phone users can set default apps for different functionality.

For example, set default music player, default gallery etc.,

If you want to change any default app in Xiaomi Redmi or MI phone, then you can do this from the “Default apps” settings option.

In this post, you will get a complete guide for “Default apps” setting option location, list of default apps and reset to defaults option.

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How to open the “Default apps” setting in Xiaomi MIUI phones?

Xiaomi phone users can open default apps settings from “Settings / Apps / Manage apps”. Here by tapping the vertical three dot menu icon at top right corner, you will get the “Default apps” option to open this setting.

Xiaomi MIUI 12 Default apps

From Xiaomi MIUI 12 default apps setting screen, you can set default apps for following functionality.

1. Launcher

Default launcher app is “System launcher”. Phone users can change the default launcher app from this launcher setting.

2. Dial

Default dial app is “Contact and dialer”. Phone users can change the default Dial app from this dial setting.

3. Messaging

Default dial app is “Messaging”. Phone users can change the default messaging app from this Messaging setting.

4. Browser

Phone users can change the default browser app from this Browser setting. You can set Chrome or another browser as your Xiaomi phones default browser.

5. Camera

Default dial app is “Camera”. Phone users can change the default camera app from this Camera setting.

6. Gallery

Available options for Xiaomi MIUI default gallery app are File Manager, Gallery and Photos. You can set the default gallery app from this setting.

7. Music

Xiaomi MIUI phone users can manage default music apps from this setting. Users can set a default player app for their phone.

8. Email

Email setting option in “Default apps”, used to change and set email client apps for Xiaomi phones.

9. Play video

Different available play video app options are File Manager, Photos, Mi Video and other installed player apps.

Phone users can set the default play video app from this setting.

10. Voice assistant

Phone users can manage voice assistant default app settings from here.

11. Opening links

Opening links setting is for instant apps. From here phone users can be allowed to open links in apps, even if they are not installed.

12. Assist & voice input

Phone users can manage assist & voice input settings from here.

MIUI default apps reset to defaults

Xiaomi MIUI phones have options to set default apps for different functionalities from the “Default apps” settings.

In this “Default apps” settings at bottom of screen “Reset to defaults” option is given. By using this option, phone users can reset all changes of default apps.

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Hope you find Xiaomi MIUI default apps setting guide helpful.