DJI OM 4 Smartphone Gimbal FAQs and Guide

DJI OM 4 (OSMO Mobile 4) smartphone gimbal FAQs and guide: guide covers details for battery, supported devices, features, controls, FAQs and more.

DJI OM 4 is a very useful gadget for personal and profession use. You can use this smartphone gimbal stabilizer with grip tripod for personal and YouTube videos.

If you already buy this item or want to buy, then the following guide and FAQs will be found helpful to you.

Let’s check out information about DJI OM 4 gimbal.

DJI OM 4 gimbal battery and charging info

How to charge DJI OM 4 gimbal? You can charge OM 4 by connecting the USB adapter to plug and power cable to the charging port. Once the battery fully charged, the battery level indicator will turn off.

What is the estimated time to fully charge OM4? 2.5 hours (150 minutes) is estimated time to fully charge DJI gimbal. It may vary based on your charger and temperature.

How long does the DJI OM 4 battery last? Battery time is depending on usage. But, the estimated answer for this question is 15 hours.

Can I use DJI OM 4 as a mobile power bank? Yes, just connect your mobile phone to the USB-A port. After that you need to power on your OM 4 to start charging your phone.

Is DJI OM 4 magnetic clamp work with a case covered phone?

Yes, DJI OM 4 magnetic clamp work with case covered phones. But, if you have a big size phone and use a thick Otter BOX, then it may be possible that the clamp may not fit.

Possible solutions if phone with case not fit in DJI OM 4 magnetic clamp: Take the case off (suggested), Try another case cover, Make hole in the case and stick the magnetic ring holder on the phone.

Note: Attaching the ring holder to a phone case is not recommended.

DJI OM 4 Compatible devices list

DJI OM 4 compatible with 53+ android phone models and 12+ iOS phone models. Compatible Android phone brands: HUAWEI, HONOR, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, OnePlus, Google and realme. Different iPhone models are compatible as iOS based phones.

For compatible exact models and more (cameras, zoom ratio, resolution, slow motion and more) details, you can check the official DJI OM 4 mobile phone compatibility list PDF.

Is DJI OM 4 compatible with iPhone 12 models? No detail found for iPhone 12 in compatibility phone list PDF. On DJI forum related topic, you can find that iPhone 12 compatibility detail will be updated in future by DJI R&D Team.

You can also find iPhone 12 and DJI OM 4 compatibility videos on the internet. But, it is suggested to wait for DJI R&D team to update the details in the official compatibility list PDF.

Is DJI OM 4 magnet support reliable?

Yes, gadget magnets have powerful magnet strength. So, you can use OSMO 4 outside car windows, in a boat and other places without mobile falling tension.

Note: extra care is always suggested when you use OM 4 in a low controlled area. It is also suggested to avoid such practice, if you found improper connection between magnet clip and gadget.

Blinking of green and red light in DJI OM 4 means, gimbal is start and phone is missing in gimbal. You have to set OM 4 on flat level and place the phone in stand.

Gimbal indicates that phone is not set in phone holder. It is suggested to place the phone in the holder when you start DJI OM 4.

What are troubleshooting steps for DJI OM 4?

If DJI OM 4 connected to your phone but not functioning, then you can try following troubleshooting steps to make it working.

  • Turn off DJI OM 4 device.
  • Clear Bluetooth connection from phone’s Bluetooth settings.
  • Restart DJI Mimo app.
  • Turn on DJI OM 4 and set a new fresh Bluetooth connection.
  • Test all functionality.

If the above troubleshooting steps do not fix the issue, then you can directly connect to Bluetooth in the DJI Mimo app. After this, you can choose not to pair the devices.

Quick FAQs for DJI OM 4

Is DJI OM 4 waterproof?

No, DJI OSMO Mobile 4 is not waterproof.

Is DJI OM 4 support Android and iOS phones?

Yes, it supports Android and iOS phones. You can check more details in the supported devices list section.

How can I avoid possible scratch by DJI OM 4 phone holder?

Yes, by using phone case cover or adding some soft wrapper, you may avoid possible scratches on phone.

Can I use DJI OM 4 with Facebook live?

Yes, but, in this case you need to use Facebook camera feature instead of DJI Mimo app.

What are basic phone requirements for DJI OM 4?

Requirements: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 or above, Android version 7 or higher for android phones and iOS version 11 or higher for iPhone.

Above listed information prepared based on content available on social media groups, DJI OM 4 manual PDS, Forum and tutorial pages.

If you want to get more detail about DJI OM 4, then you can check these resources or ask questions in the comment section.