Sand Balls Puzzle Game Tips and Guide

Sand Balls puzzle game tips and guide: you will get info for installation, cars, gems, sand cities, start, game levels and tips for Sand Balls game playing.

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If you are a Sand Balls puzzle game player, then follow this post, you will get helpful information, tips and solutions for the game.

Let’s check out game info.

How to download and install Sand Balls puzzle game?

Sand Balls puzzle game available on Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS devices. Game size is from 120MB to 150MB. For android phones you can install the game from Play Store game page. For iPhone and iPad, you can install the game from App Store game page.

Is Sand Balls game free to play?

Yes, the Sand Balls game is free to play. Games also have optional In-app and subscription plans. You can play the game free on Android, iPhone and iPad without purchasing any subscription. You will find ads in the game while you play game free.

In game In-app and time to time weekly subscription offered. You can purchase this for remove ads, free gems, ball effects, new building and more benefits. Price of subscription and In-app purchase is varying based on benefits and plan.

How many levels are there in the Sand Balls game?

To know the last level number, we analysed many online sources. In result we do not find the exact level number. But, found the following helpful information.

The Sand Balls game has 7700+ levels. New sand city game level updates are also found on the game’s Facebook page. In the game you will also find bonus levels, when you complete some levels. New level not released frequently, but currently the game already has thousands of levels to complete.

In the Games Android app page we found this sentence “this game has hundreds of levels”. In our different sites, YouTube video comments and other resources search, we found that the game may have thousands of levels. It means there are too many levels to enjoy the game.

I have three stars all the time, but why am I not earning stars in game?

This problem may be comes due to misunderstanding. Sometimes we think that we have three stars all the time and not earn stars in game.

For a solution to this case, you can check the start chart in game. You can check this chart from the game home screen. Chart option available on right side above the blinking game playing button. For earning starts issue, you can confirm three starts in all levels from the chart.

What is the use of gems or diamonds in the Sand Balls game?

Gems or diamonds in Sand Balls are used as currency or asset in game. You can use gems and diamonds to unlock new cars, unlock new balls, upgrade your sand city and unlock more features. Diamonds are very important in the game, so, never miss a chance to collect more and more diamonds in a Sand Balls game.

How to restore Sand Balls game progress on the new phone?

Sand Balls game does not have a login feature. So, progress seems device specific. It means game progress is not restored in the new device. If you change your phone and install Sand Balls game on your new phone, then you need to start from zero level.