How to Fix error 5027 in Call of Duty Mobile? (Simple Fix)

You will get error code 5027 in the Call of Duty mobile game mostly when trying to play the game with VPN. Here, you will get a solution for error 5027 Call of Duty mobile.

This error 5027 problem is also known by some game users with game early release, so it can still happen now.

To fix error 5027 in Call of Duty mobile, turn off the VPN on your mobile device. You can turn off this VPN setting from Network or Connection settings.

In most mobile settings, this VPN option is available under “Network & internet” or “Connection & sharing” setting options.

The Call of Duty game uses your location to set up your connection to the nearest game server. So, you can get speed and good game experience.

Here, VPN in your mobile mask your real location and it may be possible that due to this location change and game location use conflict, you may get this error 5027 in game.