Is Minecraft an offline game? (Things to Know)

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Can I play Minecraft game offline?

Yes, Minecraft supports single player offline play. You can play the Minecraft game in offline or online mode.

Things where required internet connection before play Minecraft offline:

Before starting to play Minecraft offline, you need one time internet connection(mobile data/Wi-Fi) for game download and game setup(e.g., add mods, download maps and related tasks).

What things are not available in Minecraft offline game playing?

Multiplayer, play on different servers(Mineplex, Brawl, Grand Theft Minecart, Minescape, Minewind and more), MiniGames and skin things are not available in Minecraft offline mode.

How to play Minecraft offline?

After downloading and installing the Minecraft game and before starting to play it offline, you need to play the Minecraft program or application once with the internet connection.

By this process, all of the updated Minecraft data are downloaded.

Next, close the Minecraft program and disconnect your device from internet connection.

Now, when you open Minecraft without an internet connection, the game will alert you that you are not connected to the internet. Here the game also gives the offline play option.

Here, select play offline and play Minecraft offline.

Short answer: Download, install and play Minecraft game one time with an internet connection. Next, open Minecraft without internet connection and select play offline mode to play the game offline.

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