Hogwarts Mystery Energy Spots (Hidden Spots List)

Looking for hidden energy spots in Hogwarts Mystery locations? Here is a list of energy spots with location and spot description.

In the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game there are many hidden energy spots or elements. These Hogwarts Mystery energy spots give you energy bonus points when you tap on them.

Hogwarts Mystery energy spots

FLOORS energy spots

  • Golden Snitch – Hovering on the pitch near the entrance (Quidditch Stadium)
  • Grey wolf pup – Sitting between the Grasslands and the Forest (Magical Creatures Reserve)
  • Knights – The right of the Great Hall three stone knights and one of the knights holding a sword crookedly (Lower Floor West)
  • House Elf – Leaning against the wall between Hufflepuff House and the Potions Classroom (Dungeon)
  • Stick – On the ground between the Whomping Willow and Hagrid’s Hut (Castle Grounds)
  • Books – On a bench between the Library and the History of Magic classroom (Lower Floor – East)
  • Empty Portrait or Girl – Directly behind your character when you enter the East Towers (East Towers)
  • Peeves – Floating beside the stairs to the Divination Classroom (East Towers)
  • Incomplete Portrait or Missing oranges – Has a branch and white flowers, to the left of the Prefects’ Bathroom (West Towers)
  • Unlit Torch – On the right side of the entrance to the Great Hall (Lower Floor – West)
  • Paper Stack – Next to the Library (Lower Floor – East)
  • Boy in Alley – Down the alleyway next to the Three Broomsticks (Hogsmeade)
  • Spiderweb – To the left of the spider’s lair (Forbidden Forest)
  • Small Bag of Money – The Niffler will collect it (Diagon Alley)
  • Tentacle – Wrapped around a rock all the way to the right (Black Lake)
  • Dragon – Next to the Norwegian Ridgeback Nest – Perched on the grass patch on a stone (Dragon Sanctuary)
  • Paper Planes – In the atrium (Golden statue) – towards the back, paper planes lingering in the foreground (Ministry of Magic)
  • Gnome – In front of the wheelbarrow (The Burrow)
  • Prisoner in cell – To the left of the first Cell Block room, a prisoner is holding out something green (Azkaban Cell Block)
  • Hidden Door – Underneath the Skele-Gro Poster, Reveals the house elf (St Mungos)
  • Ghost in Grave – Small Gravestone left of the graveyard entrance (Godric’s Hollow)

CLUBHOUSES energy spots

  • Winged Boar – Next to the entrance (Dragon Clubhouse)
  • Dragon Skeleton – Dragon Clubhouse
  • Portrait of Merlin – Near the entry door of the club house (Sphinx Clubhouse)
  • Orrery – Between the second and third torch (Sphinx Clubhouse)
  • Portrait of Gwenog Jones – Near the entry door of the clubhouse (Dragon Clubhouse)
  • Quidditch Goal Post – Towards the back of the room where the wall is crumbled (Dragon Clubhouse)
  • Signed Beater Bat – On the right of Quidditch Goal Post (Dragon Clubhouse)
  • Hanging Torches – Hanging from the ceiling in the dueling area behind the Quidditch goals (Dragon Clubhouse)
  • Merula-Puffskein Portrait – Between the fourth and fifth torch (Sphinx Clubhouse)
  • Gerbil – On a table toward the far right (Sphinx Clubhouse)
  • Snitch2Finch Perch – Next to the Puffskein Portrait (Sphinx Clubhouse)
  • Talbott Eagle – Sphinx Clubhouse
  • Gold Sphinx – Sphinx Clubhouse
  • Portrait of Libatius Borage – Near the entry door of the clubhouse (Hippogriff Clubhouse)
  • Kelpie – Near the first tree (Hippogriff Clubhouse)
  • Cat Cubby – Behind the Kelpie (Hippogriff Clubhouse)
  • Hippogriff Nest – Hippogriff Clubhouse
  • Portrait of Olin Oakwood and Margaretta Ironbark – On the table just to the right of the Sphinx Clubhouse entrance (Secret Clubhouse)
  • Alchemy Station – Slightly to the right of the Kelpie (Hippogriff Clubhouse)
  • Fiesta Book – towards the entrance on a small table (Hippogriff Clubhouse)

Hope you find the above energy spots list helpful to hidden energy elements in the game.