How to Add Friends on Clash Royale? (Things to Know)

  • You can send friend requests to players by clicking ‘Add Friend’ in their player’s profile.
  • You will see a Clash friend in ‘Social’ tab, if friend accept your friend request.
  • Inside the game, you have a maximum of 100 Clash friends.

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To add friends on Clash Royale, open your friend’s player profile in game and click the ‘Add Friend’ button. Now, when your friend accepts your request, both of you become Clash friends. And, you can see your friend in the ‘Social’ tab.


Here, in Clash Royale, you have a limit of 100 Clash friends. Pending friend requests are counted towards the maximum of 100 friends.

Once a player’s 100 friends quota is full (Friends + Invites), then other players are not able to send friend invitations to this player.

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