Is OnePlus 10 Pro Waterproof? (Things to Know)

Only the T-Mobile version of the OnePlus 10 Pro has IP68 protection. It means, if you have a OnePlus 10 Pro from T-Mobile, then your phone comes with IP68 rating (dust and water resistant).

Here, dust and water protection doesn’t mean that you can use your phone freely underwater. But, it means, your phone is safe from normal water and dust situations, under a certain level or situation.

So, it is always good practice to take care of your phone in bad situations and take quick action.

What about other variants of OnePlus 10 Pro, other than T-Mobile?

OnePlus 10 Pro phones version other than T-Mobile are not comes with IP68 protection.

But,Here, the good news is that all variant of OnePlus 10 Pro phones can be easily survive in normal situations, like moisture, sweat and light drizzles.