How to Check RAM Usage in MIUI 12? (Redmi MI Xiaomi Phones)

  • By enabling ‘Show memory status’ setting, users can view RAM usage on home screen.
  • Phone shows real time RAM usage on the recent apps menu.

Let’s check the answer in detail with image,

How to show RAM usage in MIUI 12?

To show phone RAM memory status on home screen in MIUI 12,

Open the ‘Settings’ app and go to ‘Home screen’ settings. Here, scroll down and enable ‘Show memory status’ setting.

That’s it,

Now, on your home screen when you tap and view recent apps list, you will find RAM usage status on the top right corner.

Check out the following image, which shows how this ‘Show memory status’ setting shows RAM memory usage status on your screen.

How to Check RAM Usage in MIUI 12
How to Check RAM Usage in MIUI 12

How can I free RAM in MIUI 12?

You can free RAM memory in MIUI 12 by closing unused open apps in your phone. After that you can tap on the ‘Clear cache’ icon to clear the cache.

So, the practice to avoid too many unused open apps, helps to save more free RAM for your active app.