How to Get Free Gems in Clash Royale? (Explained)

Gems are like currencies in the Clash Royale game, you can use them to purchase items(cards, shop offers) in game. And, this post explained where you get free gems in the Clash Royale game.

Let’s get started,

Here is things and places, where you get free Gems in Clash Royale:

1. Crown Chests

Chests are one of options to get free gems, and Crown Chest will always give you 2-4 Gems.

2. Free Gems in Shop

In the Shop, occasionally(every week) get free Gems from the daily deals. By this you will get a chance to get 25 free Gems every week. It means 100 free Gems in a month.

For this you need to play a game every day, because you never know when this free Gems deal is available in a week.

3. Special Events or Challenges

Events and Challenges are also good options to win free Gems. In this method, you will get reward gems when you reach the required number of wins.

4. Trophy Road path

Trophy Road is the path of progression in Clash Royale. By gaining trophies and reaching a specific amount of trophies, you can get Gems from Trophy Road as a part of milestone rewards.

5. Fantasy Royale

This is a side event for CRL(Clash Royale League). You can take part in a Fantasy Royale event and win rewards based on your Crowns score. And, here in rewards, sometimes you may get Gems.

6. Level Up Chest

Level up chest is unlocked on level completion and gives you amazing rewards. Here, level up chest gives you 50 Gems and more free rewards.

That’s it,

Tip: Don’t waste your time to find and try free gems generators.

Hope you find these simple ways to get free Gems in the Clash Royale game.