How to Update Xiaomi Phones MIUI (Redmi Mi)

Best thing about Xiaomi Redmi or Mi phones is the customized OS and timely update with amazing features.

This post is about the Xiaomi phone MIUI update. What is this MIUI update and how you can update your phone for a MIUI stable version.

Xiaomi phone MIUI update is OS software update for new features, security patch or for Android version update. You can install this update automatically by “Settings > About phone > MIUI version” option or manually by “Choose update package” option.

Suggested option for MIUI update is “Settings > About phone > MIUI version”.

What is the Xiaomi phone MIUI update?

Pronunciation of MIUI is “Me You I”, MIUI is a customized Android ROM for Xiaomi phones. This ROM software operates all functionality of your Xiaomi phone. For security patches, to introduce new features and for Android ROM update – Xiaomi releases updates for MIUI customized Android ROM. These updates are MIUI updates for Xiaomi phones.

When this software updates and releases for specific model series, then that mobile user gets the MIUI update option on the phone.

This update is not mandatory, but it is always suggested to use the latest MIUI stable version for smooth and safe phone experience.

Is MIUI update safe? Yes, updating from official sources by following proper steps is always safe. Tip: if some latest update is not available for your phone, then wait for it and avoid update download from unknown source.

How to check MIUI updates available or not in Xiaomi phone?

To check MIUI update availability in Xiaomi phones. First open “Settings”, here you find the “Update” option near “About phone” settings, if update is available. Now, if you have not found such an option, then go to the “About phone” setting and tap on “MIUI version” section. Next, the system will check for updates and show a download update option, if any update is available.

Why am I not getting any update on my Xiaomi phone? There are two possible reasons for no update in Xiaomi phones.

Phone does not support the new update: if you have an old phone which does not support the latest update, then in that case you will not get the MIUI update option.

Phone model in queue for update: Xiaomi releases MIUI update in model specific schedule rounds. So, if your model is in the queue round list, then you need to wait for an update. When the release round comes for your phone model, then you will get an update option in your phone.

In this case, you can check MIUI update phone list in the official site release schedule page.

Things to consider before start MIUI update in phone

MIUI update process replaces old phone software with new. Here, if any issue comes during this process, then your phone may not start after reboot. In that case you will get help from a service center or local Xiaomi phone seller.

To avoid such unexpected issues during MIUI update, following are few things to take care.

  • Confirm that your phone has more than 50% battery level. If your phone has a poor battery, then it is good practice to try updating with a full battery and with a charger connected.
  • Confirm device support: if you are trying to update manually, then before the start update, you need to confirm that the new update is supported by your phone device.
  • Important files backup: this is an optional process because latest MIUI updates manage the process very well, but you can do important files backup if you think that it’s required.

How to update Xiaomi phone’s MIUI software?

Updating the Xiaomi phone for the latest stable MIUI version is a simple process. Following paragraph explains the whole process in simple words.

First of all open your phone’s “Settings” app. Here, if there is any update available for your phone, then you find the “Update” option beside “About phone” setting option. Now, you need to tap on that option, this option will open the “download update” screen, where you can download the latest update and install in your phone by following the given instruction in process.

What to do if my phone does not show an “Update” option? In this case, you can check for updates by opening the “About phone” screen. In that screen, you need to tap on the “MIUI version” section. If any update is available, then you will get a download and install option.

How to install a MIUI update manually in Xiaomi phones?

Xiaomi MIUI manual update is different from default update. Here, you can update your phone by selecting MIUI ROM from your phone storage.

Possible cases when you can try manual MIUI update: you have poor data connection and are not able to download ROM, your friends have the same level of update and they already have downloaded ROM.

There is also one situation where some users try manual Xiaomi updates, that is, update not available for their phone, but they want to forcefully want to install a new update. This practice is not suggested in any situation.

How to install MIUI stable update manually?

First add MIUI ROM in your phone storage. Next, open “Settings > About phone” and tap on “MIUI version”. Here, from MIUI version screen, tap on top right three dot menu and select ROM from storage by “Choose update package” option. Next, you need to follow the steps suggested by the process.

Things to take care with manual update:

  1. Confirm that the MIUI ROM you select for update is compatible with your phone current MIUI version.
  2. If the process gives error and does not accept the ROM package, then stop the process and get advice from customer service or local shop owners (who are selling and repairing Xiaomi phones).

Can I share my downloaded MIUI ROM to other Xiaomi phone users?

Yes, you can share downloaded MIUI ROM to friends or other Xiaomi phone users. They can update their phone by using the same ROM package, if they are on the same version update level. Here, the process will give an error, if your shared ROM is not compatible with another phone.

Can I delete MIUI ROM from my phone after updating?

MIUI ROM used for updating your phone’s software. It means, MIUI ROM only used by your phone, when MIUI update is in progress, after that ROM file not used by phone. So, you can delete that MIUI ROM from your phone storage. ROM file deletion after use does not create any issue in your phone.