How to Get Rid of The Frog in Candy Crush? (Frog Candy Use)

Frog Candy is your friend. This post explained how you do not need to rid of or kill the frog in game. And how to use frog candy to complete tricky levels.

How to use frog candy in Candy Crush?

1. Match the Candy Frog with candies

Before using frog candy, first you need to feed the frog with candies. To feed the frog, match the candy frog with the same color candies.

You can move the frog also for a match, once it matches with at least two candies.

2. Move the Frog to crush the candies

Next, when the frog is full and ready to use, it will look fat and show flashing circles around.

Now, you can use it to crush other candies. To use active frog candy, tap on it and tap on the tile where you want to move frog candy.

Once you move the frog,  then it will explode and crush candies & blockers on the destination tile and all eight tiles around it.

3. Use candy frog multiple time

You can use Candy Frog multiple times. After each use of Candy Frog, it will change its color and become small again.

Now, to reuse Candy Frog, you need to match the candy frog again to make it fat and ready to use. Which you can do by following steps 1 and 2.

Things to know about Candy Frog in Candy Crush

Following are helpful things about Candy Frog to use it smartly and complete hard levels.

  • Candy Frog is not a blocker, so you cannot crush or clear it.
  • Match the Candy Frog with a Special Candy to give the frog extra power.
  • In level with chocolate Candy Frog may get covered in chocolate. And, You need to clear the Frog from the chocolate to continue feeding it with candies.

That’s it,

Hope you find this Candy Crush Frog Candy guide helpful.