Microsoft Teams away status

In Teams your Away status means, you are not active at the moment and will not respond right away.

Teams app configured presence states (Available, Away) are changed based on user activity. Your status in Microsoft Teams will be set “Away” automatically in following different situations.

  • Lock your computer.
  • Computer enters idle or sleep mode.
  • You close the Teams app on mobile.
  • Teams app running in background.

It means, Teams Away status changed based on the user’s activity on device (computer, mobile, laptop).

Teams users can change their status manually by following steps given in the official support page.

Now, is there any way to stop this automatic status change behavior in Teams app?

Change presence states (Available, Away) automatically is a feature and it works like that. But, for solution – following are tips which are suggested in different online sources.

  • Set status message that you are available (even with away status) and clear message when required.
  • Apply tricks on the keyboard so the “Insert” key is always pressed down. By this way, your computer gets constant keyboard activity.
  • Do mouse movement manually or using third party software.