How long are Xiaomi phones OS updates supports? (Redmi, Mi, MIUI, Android)

Mobile OS update is important to keep mobile devices updated for UI, features and security. Here, in this post you will get information for Xiaomi phones OS updates support.

In Xiaomi(Redmi, Mi) phones, OS updates are considered in Android and MIUI updates.

As per our analysis, the general answer for your question is following.

Xiaomi phones OS updates can be dependent on phone category, popularity and other technical things. Mostly, latest Xiaomi phones support 1 Android update and 3+ MIUI updates. For popular and top category models, it can support 2 Android update and 4+ MIUI updates.

Above answer is based on general analysis and in real case this OS update support may be more or less.

All over all latest Xiaomi phones get possible Android OS update and very good MIUI OS update support.