How to phone ring holder guide (FAQs Guide)

Phone ring holders are a useful accessory to make phone’s safe handling. There are also other benefits of ring holders.

As a phone holder user, you will have many questions for its use, fixes, techniques and more tips.

Here, in this post, you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Answers are explained in detail, so you get a better idea about your query.

What is a phone ring holder?

Phone ring holder is a phone accessory. This ring holder helps to hold the phone securely. You need to set this phone holder on the back side of your phone.

Based on design, you can also use a phone holder as a mobile stand for hands free phone viewing.

In market different style ring holders available, you can buy it as per your phone and requirements.

What are the benefits of a phone ring holder?

First and main benefit of phone ring holders is secure phone handling. By using a ring holder, you can easily hold your phone in one hand and operate securely.

Second benefit is based on phone ring holder design. Given ring in the ring holder can be moved and set in specific positions. So, you can use the ring holder as a phone stand and adjust phone position.

Third benefit is unique style. These phone ring holders are available in different styles. So, if you choose a perfect ring holder, then it will give your phone a unique style.

Where do I put my ring stand on my phone?

Ring stands can be put in 11 different positions. From these all ring stand positions, center position from horizontal and vertical is the best one.

Phone ring stand positions explained: divide your phone’s back side in 6 sections by 2×3 grid, which gives 6 different positions. Next, consider 4 positions, which comes between the 4 side corner and center part. And at last center position. So, 6+4+1=11 positions.

Here, top first line positions are not considered because of the camera and too much height.

You can put a ring stand on your phone based on your habit or holding your phone and middle finger position.

To decide position, hold your phone in hand and check your middle finger position on the back of your phone. Next, based on this position decide in which part of the finger, you get a better grip and select that position for ring stand.

How to fix loose phone ring holders?

Simple solution to fix a loose phone ring holder is squeeze the pin/pins back in using a needle nose plier. Here, you need to carefully squeeze the ring pin inside. To avoid damage to the ring holder surface, you can use protective cloth over the ring holder.

How to fix loose phone ring holders
How to fix loose phone ring holders

Depending on ring holders quality and design structure, they lose movement after a number of ring movements. But, above is a solution, which you can try before buying a new ring holder.

Given solution helps to fix loose phone ring holders movement and save you (4-5 months) from expense on a new ring holder.

Note: you can apply the same solution multiple times on a phone ring holder. And, if this solution does not work after applying many times, then you need to think about a new ring holder.

Can you wireless charge with a phone ring?

Phone wireless charging work with phone rings depends on different factors. For example, phone ring material, size, position on phone, phone recharging pad and more.

Here, possible things to consider for wireless charge and phone ring compatibility, you can check the following things.

  1. Check phone ring holder material type to confirm that it does not create issues with wireless recharge process. You can check this detail in the product review or FAQs section. Or, you can ask the seller for details.
  2. Phone ring position on phone and your wireless recharge pad surface requirement. In this case, you need to take care in selecting the phone ring position on the phone, so your phone can set properly on the recharge pad.

Easy solution to use phone ring for wireless charging supported phones:

Set phone ring holder on case cover is an easy solution, to use a phone ring holder with wireless charging supported phones. Here, you can recharge your phone on the charging pad by removing the phone case cover.

Can I put the phone ring holder on the case?

Yes, you can put a phone ring holder on the phone case.

But, here you need to check the surface of the phone case cover. Because, it is possible that ring holders do not stick properly on the rough case surface. Here, ring holders stick on the cover, but not stick for a long time, compared to a smooth surface.

Setting a ring holder on a phone case is also a convenient option for phones, which have wireless charging support.

How to remove the ring holder on a mobile phone?

For safety phone ring holders have strong glue to stick with the phone. So, you required extra effort while removing the ring holder from the phone.

Following is a way to remove the ring holder from a mobile phone.

Push toothpicks between ring holder and phone surface gap. Here, you need to push multiple toothpicks in clock format. Once, the ring holder lightly separates from the phone, try to pull off the ring from the phone. Finally, clean ring holder glue from the phone.

Hope, you find the phone ring holder guide helpful.