How to fix the Xiaomi MI phone and computer USB connect issue? (USB connect popup hide show)

Post includes reasons, solutions for Xiaomi MI phone and computer USB connect issue. You will get different reasons for the issue and solutions. After reading this post, you can apply a related solution for your USB issue.

Xiaomi MI phone and computer USB connect issue

USB connect options popup hide and show continuously on computer or laptop screen, when Xiaomi MI phone connected to computer via USB cable. Phone keeps losing USB connection.

Here USB connect popup in computer is which shows “Use USB for – data transfer, file transfer and transfer photo” options.

Reasons for Xiaomi MI phone and computer USB connect issue

  • Your MI phone USB cable is old or damaged.
  • Phone USB cable is not original.
  • Issue in phone or computer USB port.
  • You are connecting the phone with the PC’s front USB port.
  • Temporary phone process issue.

Solutions to fix Xiaomi MI phone and computer USB connect issue:

  • Re-check and connect phone and computer proper by pushing cable point in both side.
  • Clear phone cache, reboot phone and connect again.
  • Change computer connection port (For PC, use back side USB port).
  • Restart your PC or laptop and try again.
  • Use a different USB cable or original USB cable (This solution works in most cases).

General overview and suggestions:

This issue can be possible with any mobile. Here, it is possible for Redmi, MI and other Xiaomi phones.

This USB connect issue does not happen with the original USB cable, which comes with the phone. But, if the cable is damaged or you buy a normal USB cable, then this issue is possible.

Sometimes, your phone charges properly with a USB cable, but it does not work when you connect phone with computer or laptop.

So, here the suggestion is to test both processes (phone charging and USB connection) properly, when you buy a new USB cable for your phone.