How to remove ads on kids phone game apps? (Play Ad Free Game)

Ads in gaming apps are a popular monetization option for app creators. By showing ads between phone game playing processes, game creators earn money and offer free apps.


Ads in gaming apps which play kids, may not be practical in some situations. Because, kids may click on ads and take unwanted actions when they play games themselves.

Here, if kids play games under your observation, then you can take care of all things. But, there are some situations when you do not have time.

In that case, you want to remove or stop ads on game apps before giving a phone to kids. And, here in this post, you will get information and solutions for this case.

Why do people want to stop showing ads while kids are playing games on the phone?

Kids not able to handle ads properly when they play games on the phone. They tap on ads blinking or highlighted options and take unwanted actions unknowingly. These actions sometimes share info or activate paid services. And, to ignore these problems, people want to stop showing ads while kids are playing games.

Display ads is a quick monetization option for Game creators. Creators showing ads and earning money, and able to offer free games to users.

But, as per above reason, ads are not suitable in some cases for kids. So, it is good practice to allow kids to play games under observation. Or, you can apply the following ways to stop ads on kids playing phone games.

Different ways to stop ads in kids game apps?

Following are different ways to stop ads in kids game apps. These different solutions help to stop/remove ads in offline or online gaming apps. You can choose a solution (free or paid) based on your requirements.

1. Turn off internet when playing game

First solution to stop ads when kids play games on the phone is to turn off internet connection. To do this, you need to turn off phone data connection or Wi-Fi connection in your phone or you can put the phone on airplane mode.

To remove ads from game apps, this turn off internet is a free option.

How do ads remove from game apps by turning off phone internet?

Ads in game apps display using internet connection. So, if you turn off phone internet connection, then the game apps are not able to display ads.

Can I play any gaming app without ads by turning off the phone’s internet connection?

No, you can play only offline games (Games which do not require internet) without ads by turning off internet connection. Now, if you try this practice for online games (Games which require the internet), then the game will not open and you can not play that game on your phone.


If you want to remove ads on online gaming apps, then you need to check the next In-App purchase method.

2. Stop game ads by In-App purchase

Ad block by In-App purchase is a game option given by game app creators. This option is available in the game app, you will find this option in the game main screen or in setting options. By purchasing this offer, you can remove ads in game.

This In-App block ads option is paid offer. To purchase this offer, you need to tap on this In-App option in game. After that, follow the purchase process. In this purchase process, you need to spend real money.

You can try this option, when game app use is mandatory for you and game works only in online mode.

3. Use another game apps which support offline mode

Finding and using another game app is the last option to avoid ads in gaming apps.

In this practice, you need to search related games on Play Store or on App Store, which are available with offline playing mode. Next, install a new related game and use it with above practices.

You can try this option when you do not want to spend money on In-App purchase and turn off internet connection practice not working because the game type is online.

So, you can definitely try this option, because you will find a list of related games in the market with offline mode.

That’s it,

Hope, you found given solutions helpful to remove ads on kids phone game apps.