How to set the ringtone on Xiaomi phones? (Redmi or MI phone)

Xiaomi Redmi or MI phones with MIUI system have a setting to change phone ringtone. Phone users can get this Xiaomi phone ringtone setting at “Settings / Sound & vibration / Ringtone”.

Ringtone sources in Xiaomi phone

In the Xiaomi Ringtone setting screen, users get four sources of ringtones. From these sources users can listen and set new ringtone for Redmi or MI phones.

Top, Selected, Spark Music, Categories and New are first source filter options, by using these options phone users quickly find good ringtones.

Choose local ringtone is the second Xiaomi ringtone option. From this option, phone users can choose phone ringtone from “Recorder”, “File Manager” and “Music”. To set song, recording audio or other custom music files as a phone ringtone, users need to use this option.

Dynamic ringtones” is the third Xiaomi ringtone option. By using this option, phone users can select ringtone from system sound tones (Ringtone, Alarm, Events, Notifications).

The fourth and last ringtone source option is quick suggestions. In this option, users get categorised ringtone sections to choose a quick ringtone for their phone. These suggestions includes Nature Ringtones, Popular Choice!, Collections, Trending Now, Top, Mood Mix and Recommended ringtone suggestion sections.

How to set ringtone in Xiaomi (Redmi, MI) phone

Xiaomi Redmi or MI phones come with dual sims and phone ringtone setting gives the choice to set ringtone for SIM1 or SIM2. When the user selects the ringtone and taps on the set ringtone option, this sim selection is given to the user.

To find the exact ringtone in Xiaomi phones from available ringtones, users get a ringtone search bar in the settings screen. This search bar position exist at top section of ringtone setting screen.

Now, the whole answer in one paragraph.

To change the ringtone in Xiaomi (Redmi, MI) phone, first open the ringtone setting from “Settings / Sound & vibration / Ringtone”.

Next, choose ringtone from available four ringtone sources. After finalising the ringtone, tap on the set ringtone option. This option asks for sim card selection to set ringtone.

Next, choose a sim card and ringtone will set for that sim number. That’s it.

Note: If users set ringtone from your phone’s local storage, then in that case users require one more step. When you choose a local ringtone and tap OK, it will include in My ringtones and from here users need to tap “Apply” button to set ringtone.