Xiaomi MI 10 Phone LED Notification Light FAQs

Xiaomi MI 10 Phone Notification Light FAQs: get answers for Xiaomi MI 10 Phone LED notification, always on display and tips for battery performance.

New Xiaomi MI 10 and other MI 10 models phone have full screen display design. These new phones come with many new features.

Notification’s LED light removed and Always on Display (AOD) comes as a new changes. If you have a question about MI 10 notification light and AOD, then you get helpful info in this post.

Let’s check out some FAQs for MI 10 phone notification light.

Is LED notification light available in Xiaomi MI 10 phones?

No, LED notification light not available in Xiaomi MI 10 phones. MI 10 phones series have full screen design and new feature the Always on Display (AOD) feature. So, a LED notification light is no more part of MI 10 phones.

How do I know about the new notification in Xiaomi MI 10 phones?

MI 10 phones have the Always on Display feature. It means you can check notifications and a phone screen without unlocking your phone.

Previously you knew about new notification by blinking LED light and its color, but to check notification you need to unlock the phone.

Now, in MI 10 phones, you need to check the screen for notification, but you can read notifications without unlocking the phone.

How to turn on or off Always on Display setting in Xiaomi MI 10?

Xiaomi MI 10 has the helpful “Always on Display (AOD)” feature. You can see prompt notification on the lock screen wallpaper by using this feature.

Following are steps to turn on or turn off Always on Display setting in your Xiaomi MI 10 phone.

  1. Open “Settings” in your Xiaomi MI 10 phone.
  2. Tap and open “Always On Display & Lock Screen” option.
  3. Now toggle “Always On Display” to on or off this setting.
  4. Choose your option for “When notification comes and screen is off” action.

You can also choose clock, date, time, wallpaper and other items style for AOD screen from “Always On Display & Lock Screen > Style” settings.

That’s it,

Now you can easily turn on or off AOD settings on your MI 10 phones using the above simple steps.

Tips to use the Always on Display feature in MI 10 phones?

New the Always on Display feature may affect battery performance. Here, tip for better notification readability and battery performance is that, set black background wallpaper and configure only show notifications. By this tip you can easily check notifications on screen. Here suggested black background wallpaper, it may be helps to save your battery.

At Last,

If you have more tips and suggestions for the Always on Display feature, you can share in the comment section. Your valuable comment definitely helps other MI 10 phone users.