Is Power Bank Repairable? (6 Things to Know)

In this post you will know things to do when the power bank is not working and required repairing. So, if you are a power bank user and facing issues with it, then things listed here will be helpful for power bank repairing.

You are checking this post, it means your power bank may be not working (Not charged, stopped working, USB port not working etc.,) and thinking about repairing, right?

Before checking all things, let me answer your main question.

Is power bank repairable? Yes, power banks are repairable. But, there are exceptions based on level of issue. If the power bank is fully damaged, then it may not be repairable. In other normal cases, power banks are 100% repairable.

Now, next let’s check out things which are useful when you want to repair your power bank.

Power bank replacement or repairing warranty period guide

Power banks have warranty periods in days based on their company policy. Warranty period starts from date of purchase.

It may be possible that replacement and repair power bank periods are different.

So, if your power bank needs repairing or replacement, then you need to check the related warranty period.

You can visit a nearby service center, if the warranty period has not expired and replace or repair your power bank without cost. You can also repair your power bank from the company service center without warranty. But, in that case, you need to pay for replaced things and service.

Can I replace or repair the power bank after the warranty period?

No, you will not get free repair or replacement, if your power banks warranty period expired. But, you may try for it, if the warranty date had been expired before 2-3 days.

What are good options to repair a power bank after the warranty period?

Local repairing shops and company service centers are two possible options for repairing. You can visit any place based on your requirements. Here, local repairing shops are less expensive compared to service centers. So, try to know expense from both places before take decision.

What will be the possible cost for power bank repairing?

Cost of power bank repairs totally depends on the problem. Minor issues can be fixed within 5-10$, but repairing cost will be high if the issue is major, where inner parts replacements required.

For an exact cost idea, you can visit service centers and 2-3 local repairing shops. By this, you can get an idea of the actual problem and best low repair cost.

What will be the possible power bank repairing period in the company service center?

Power bank repairing time in a company service center depends on two things. First is the type of problem and second is the workload in the service center.

If the service center has a normal workload and your power bank has a minor issue, then it will take approx. 3-4 days. But, for major issues, you may have to wait for 2-3 weeks.

Can I repair the power bank myself?

Yes, you can, if you have basic knowledge and experience about such repairs.

Here, if you do not have enough knowledge, then taking advice and help from an expert is a good option.


There are some things that you can try to repair your power bank, even if you do not have special experience.

These are troubleshooting things. For example, restarting the power bank one or two times, reset power bank etc.

You can find troubleshooting steps in the product guide, on tech sites or on YouTube.

Is it a good idea to repair a power bank in local shops?

If you have good local repairing shop reference and your power bank warranty expired, then definitely it is a good idea.

There is no question about local shops, if your power bank is in warranty period. As you have the best free company service center option in that case.

But, for other cases, good local repair shops are a great option. In most cases, they repair your power bank in less time and cost. At last, it depends on your choice and convenience.

When is it worth it to buy a new power bank instead of repairing an old power bank?

Following are some situations where it is worth buying a new power bank instead of repairing.

  • Power bank’s warranty period expired and the repair cost is more than 60% of its price.
  • You have been using a power bank for a long time and it stops working now and then.
  • You plan to buy a new power bank with more mAh capacity.

That’s it for power bank guides.

If you have suggestions or queries for the power bank repairing process, then write it in the comment section. Your thoughts add more values in this post.