What is Xiaomi Phone Lifespan (5 Things to Know)

This post includes things to know about Xiaomi’s Redmi and Mi Phones lifespan. No matter, which phone model you are using. You will get info about the average Xiaomi phones lifespan, process to check phone usage and things that affect phone’s life.

You can consider given information for your Redmi phones and Mi phones.

Let’s get started.

Xiaomi Phone Lifespan

Average lifespan of Xiaomi’s Redmi and Mi phone is between 5-7 years. Phone has good build quality. It will last long with safe and normal use. Xiaomi possibly also works smoothly for 3-4 years with rough and extreme use.

There are exceptional cases which need to be considered for phone’s lifespan. Those are – by mistake phone dropped from hand, bad practice of charging and trying hack with phone OS.

For above exceptional cases, your phone may not work for a long time. So, try to avoid such practice for smooth experience.

Note: above detail is given based on some Xiaomi phones users and personal experience. Lifespan may be varying based on your usage and handling practices.

How to Check Xiaomi Phone Total Usage Time of Hours?

You can check Xiaomi phone total usage hours from “Settings > About phone > All specs > Status“. In the “Status” screen you will find “Uptime” in the bottom, which shows usage time in “hours : minutes : seconds” format.

What are Signs of Phone Replacement Requirement?

Phone battery running out quickly, touchscreen not working properly, phone restart or crash now and then, overheating, process slow down, camera not working properly, network issues and calling issues are possible signs, which indicates phone replacement.

If you start facing above issues frequently after phone’s 3 to 4 years of usage, then your phone is indicating a replacement.

How to Increase Lifespan of Xiaomi Phones?

There are no magical ways to make your mobile phone last longer. To make your phone last longer, you need to take extra care while you handle or use the phone.

Following is a list of practices, which you can consider to make your Xiaomi phone last longer.

Bad Practices:

  • Continued use of phones for gaming.
  • Connect phones with computer to share internet for long time.
  • Long voice and video calls.
  • Store too much unused data and apps.

Good Practices:

  • Avoid continued usage for heavy processing.
  • Use phone case cover.
  • Handle and use the phone with extra care.
  • Clear storage and unused apps time to time.
  • Reset device when required.
  • Proper battery charging.

Are Xiaomi Phones Worth Buying for the Long Run?

Yes, based on the phone’s build quality, features, technical configuration and price Xiaomi phone is worth buying.

If you are confused about the buying decision, then you can ask your friends who are already using Xiaomi phones, because, you will get best advice from them.