Redmi 9A Xiaomi Phone (FAQs)

Redmi 9A Xiaomi Phone: In this post you will find detailed frequently asked question’s answers about Xiaomi Redmi 9A mobile phones.

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Redmi 9A phone suitable for what situation and persons?

Redmi 9A phone comes with 2GB and 3GB RAM options and both variants are best suitable for following situations and persons.

Normal use: Redmi 9A is a budget phone for every group with normal use. Here, normal use includes calls, school online classes, surfing, YouTube, social media, limited time gaming and related stuff.

Online class and Game playing: This phone with 3GB RAM gives decent performance for popular games. So, if you are planning a phone for online class and game playing for your child, then it best fits your requirements.

Phone for Seniors: Redmi 9A is the perfect phone for seniors, if they are comfortable with a little big screen size phone. This phone satisfies all the needs which were required in an elder’s phone. For example, clear call sound, network, battery backup and YouTube video playing.

Is the Redmi 9A heavy in weight?

Weight of Redmi 9A phone is 194g. This is the general weight as per phone’s screen size and battery capacity.

Here, if you are currently using a small 5 inch screen size phone, then you feel the phone is a little heavier compared to your old phone.

Does the Redmi 9A support 5G?

In Network and connectivity features, Redmi 9A supports 4G/3G/2G networks. It means, Redmi 9A does not support 5G network.

How is the Redmi 9A for PUBG, free fire, cod games?

This gaming related question is mostly from young age groups. For example, Is the Redmi 9A good for gaming? Or Does the Redmi 9A support Fortnite/PUBG/Free Fire?

Yes, with Redmi 9A 3GB RAM variant you will get decent experience for Fortnite, PUBG, Free Fire and other game playing.

Is the Redmi 9A worth buying?

Based on price, features, technology and online user feedback, Yes, Redmi 9A is worth buying.

This phone is worth and perfect for normal use, online classes & game playing and for seniors.

Is the Redmi 9A waterproof?

On the Redmi 9A product selling page and on the official phone specification page no specific detail was found for waterproof features.

But, on YouTube some users upload videos for the Redmi 9A water test. And, in these videos, this phone water test has mixed results (pass/fail).

In the end, with a good phone case and quick action, we can save this phone from rain and other unwanted water damage situations.

Does the Redmi 9A support automatic call recording and screen mirroring?

Yes, Redmi 9A supports automatic call recording, which is default off and you need to enable it from “Call settings/Call recording” setting options.

And, screen mirroring using the “Cast” setting is available in major latest phones. This screen “Cast” setting is available in Redmi 9A also, under “Connection & sharing” settings.

Here, your phone and connected device show the same screen. If you change the screen on a mobile phone, then the screen will also change on a connected device.

What is the battery backup of Redmi 9A with full charge?

With a fully charged 5000mAh battery, you can expect a 2 days battery backup for the Redmi 9A phone. This backup period is for normal use, and it can vary based on mobile usage.

What things come in the Redmi 9A phone box?

Redmi 9A phone box includes mobile device, power adapter, USB cable, sim eject tool, warranty card and user guide.

Hope you found this information helpful.