Among Us Chat Guide and FAQs

This Among Us chat feature used by players in the game, they can use the chat window in the lobby and during emergency meetings.

Players can open a chat window using the chat icon, which is available in the top right corner.

Let’s check Among Us Chat feature in detail,

Among Us chat validations or rules

In Among Us chat the maximum text limit for the single message is 100 characters. Players also need to maintain a 3 second time gap between two messages, otherwise the game shows “Too fast. Wait for 3 seconds” message.

When chat messages are cleared in the Among Us chat window?

Chat messages are cleared once Crewmates or Impostors (any of) wins the game.

All messages created between game start to game finish are available till the win of Crewmates or Impostors. It means, players can read all messages till the game is not finished.

What is Quick chat in Among Us?

Quick chat is a limited feature chat type for Guest accounts and players under the specified age (e.g., 13 year or below). This chat provides a chat option with restrictions.

In Quick chat players can chat using available predefined (questions and responses) sentences. Quick chat provides a safe chat environment to kids, to avoid sharing of personal information and other communication mistakes.

Chat accessibility for living players and ghost players

Active or living players can only view other active players’ messages. Living players can not view ghost players’ messages.

Ghosts players (Players who are killed in game) in Among Us can view all messages, which are sent by any players.

How to change chat type in Among Us?

Among Us players can change chat type from “Settings / Data / Chat Type” option. Players can set “Quick Chat“ or “Free or Quick Chat” type, based on available chat options.

Quick Chat is the only available option for Guest accounts and players under the specified age (e.g., 13 year or below).

How to disable Among Us Quick Chat?

Quick Chat disable option available based on your age, which is calculated based on entered date of birth by you in the game profile.

Age 13+ in game profile:

If your age based on your given birthday detail is above 13 years, then you can enable or disable quick chat from “Settings / Data / Chat Type”.

Here, under the “Chat Type” setting, you can switch chat type between “Quick Chat Only” and “Free or Quick Chat”.

Age 13 or below in game profile:

And, if your age is 13 or below 13 year as per profile, then you will not get an option to disable Quick Chat.

Here, in the “Settings / Data / Chat Type” option, you will get read only value “Quick Chat Only”. It means, you can not change this setting.


Previously players were able to disable Quick Chat by editing age in the Among Us App Data directory file using any text editor.


Now, with game updates this file edit trick does not work any more. It means, creating a new account in game is the only solution to update date of birth and disable Quick chat in Among Us.

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