How Much Data Does Among Us Use? (Per Hour, Per Minute)

Among Us is a very popular game and played by many users. Now, one simple question about Among Us data usage may come to players’ mind.

And, that question is, How much internet data does Among Us use (mobile data, WiFi data)?

Let’s write question in more detail and check it’s answer,

How much data does Among Us use per minute or per hour?

To find Among Us game data usage, I played two rounds and these rounds completed within 15 minutes.

Following are some things which I noticed while playing the game: game waiting time to join players, game start time, 232 ping, task movements, meeting, voting and result.

Here, in my case, the first round completes within 5 minutes (an Imposter was found in the first meeting). And, the second round(15 players) took 10-11 minutes.

After completing two rounds total data usage was 692KB, in MB it’s 0.7MB.

Now, let’s check the complete answer in conclusion.

Conclusion Answer:

Following answer is based on the Among Us game’s two round play in 15 minute. Data usage state may vary from user to user. But, you can get an idea of estimated Among Us data usage from the answer.

The Among Us game can consume approximately 1 MB data with 20 minute game play. And, for 1 hour Among Us data usage will be 3-4 MB.

So, every 10-12 minutes Among game rounds, you can expect 0.7 MB mobile/WiFi data usage.

That’s it,

Hope you found this answer helpful.

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