Is Among Us Addictive? (If Yes, Then Why)

All mobile games have their own audience based on the type of game. And, games are designed in such a way that players like to play more and more.

In this post, we are talking about the Among Us game, and answering the question that – is Among Us addictive game, and if yes then why is it so much addictive.

Let’s check out the answers for main question,

Is Among Us an addictive game?

Yes, Among Us is a very unique and addictive game. Here, it may not be addictive for all users, as it depends on individual interest.


Most users who try their hand on an Among Us game like to play this game and enjoy playing it.

Now, let’s move next question that,

Why is the Among Us game so addictive?

There are 6+ reasons which makes the Among Us game so addictive. And, Here are some main reasons,

  1. Unique game concept.
  2. Simple controls and easy to play.
  3. Cool concepts – Maps, Impostor, discussion, Task and more.
  4. Graphics.
  5. It’s a brain game.
  6. Each game is fairly short.
  7. And many more…

So, overall, the Among Us game is simple, short, unique and brain game which makes this game so much addictive.

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